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Wavesurfing with SWE Surf

Wavesurf with SWE surf at one of the many great surf spots Gotland offers! All our wavesurfingcourses are running in good sea conditions when it is required to learn wave surfing for real. Feel the ocean's forces and the incomparable feeling of freedom to surf up on a wave.

  Why choose SWE Surf?

If you love the beach, the sea and the waves, this is the perfect way to spend your vacation on the island. It does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfers, we tailor surf lessons for your skills. With our stable foam surfboards, it is easy for everyone to learn to surf.


When you begin to surf you will also learn the basic surfing rules. If we all respect them in the water, we will have fun and avoid trouble. Every surfer should know everything about surfing etiquette, there is a way to assure a certain order in the water. Tuition for new surfers and enforcing the rules should be part of surf culture.


• Always check the weather forecast before you go out.

• Study the waves and currents possible before you paddle out.

• Landscape - check reefs, rocks and coral before going out to surf.

• able to swim.

• Keep track of your board.

• Be aware of other surfers all the time.

• Nu surfing close to bathers.

• Respect the beach and ocean.

• Help other surfers in trouble.

 common questions

  • Wavesurfingschool - With International Education Standard
  • Wavesurfinginstructors - Trained, experienced and enthusiastic
  • Participant number customized per instructor.
  • Complete equipment guarantee you a qualitative course
  • Wave warranty - you have two years in which to implement your course
  • Great deals through our partners
  • Rent board equipment after the course!
  • Equipment - All equipment included in the course. Board, wetsuit and shoes